Analog projection clock

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This clock is very simple and contain no lenses.

Take quartz clock:

Mirror clock.jpg

Disassembly it:

Mirror clock 2.jpg

To start it move backwards we need to flip iron core of coil (not polarity, iron core is asymmetric):

Mirror clock 3.jpg

Next step - making of reflective face. I am use a piece of mirror, but you can use disk from HDD, but it may require extra length of clock hands.

Clock 4.jpg

Drilling mirror:

Mirror clock 5.jpg

Easy way to paint marks with permanent marker. I prefer to scratch reflecting surface to make my marks more permanent

Mirror clock 6.jpg

Mirror clock 7.jpg

As light source i am used SMD white LED, it worked better than LED in 5mm diameter package.

Mirror clock 8.jpg

Clock 9.jpg

Mirror clock 10.jpg

All adjustments come to change position of LED

Mirror clock 11.jpg

We finished! Here is our projection:

Mirror clock 12.jpg

see also (sorry, in russian, but photos quite informative)

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warm greeting from yekaterinburg, russia.

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